Parish Council

St. Paul Parish Council

St. Paul Parish has a standing Council consisting of twelve (12) members of the parish community.  The Parish Council consists of six (6) elected members and six (6) members of the parish community appointed by the Pastor.

The Parish Council’s charter is to assist the Pastor in the administration and development of the spiritual and material matters of the parish.  In support of this overarching charter the Parish Council assesses the pastoral needs of the parish community; encourages a more prominent lay involvement in the parish community; fosters communication between the pastor and the laity by providing an open forum for dialogue.  The Parish Council members’ efforts are focused in standing committees.  These committees are: Prayer and Worship; Christian Formation; Human Concerns and Social Justice; and Building and Grounds.  Parish Council holds regular monthly meetings and Committee meetings are held as needed to further the efforts of those committees.

The Parish Council maintains by-laws for to establish objectives and boundaries for the effective assistance to the Pastor.  The by-laws also assist in the orderly transition for new Pastors.  The current Parish Council By-Laws follow and were approved by the Parish Council on January 22, 2019.

Current St. Paul Parish Council Members

John Taglianetti (Chair) 860-447-9439
Derek Pirruccello 860-447-7437
Joan Dreger 860-442-4902
Ethel Reed 860-442-2034
Kathy Brunelle 860-444-6000
Catherine Driscoll 860-908-6095
Kimberly Borges 860-437-1413

Ex-Officio Members

JoHanna Polcaro (Administrative Assistant),, 860-443-5587

Heather-Jo Purcell (Trustee)

Alan Roessler (Trustee)

St. Paul Parish Council Meeting Minutes

St. Paul Parish Council By-Laws

Article I:  Name

The name of this body shall be the St. Paul Pastoral Council of Waterford, Connecticut, hereinafter referred to as the “Council”.


Article II:  Purpose and Function

  1.  To advise and assist the Pastor in the administration and development of the spiritual and material matters of the parish;
  2. To assess the pastoral needs of the parish community;
  3. To encourage a more prominent lay involvement in the life of the parish community;
  4. To establish and support Council Committees consisting of Prayer and Worship, Christian Formation, Human Concerns and Social Justice, and Parish Physical Property;
  5. To foster communication between the pastor and the laity by providing an open forum for dialogue for members of the parish.


Article III:  Membership

The Council shall consist of six elected members and six appointed members from the parish community at large, defined as those, 16 years of age or older, confirmed, who are registered with, or are members of families registered with the parish and who attend Mass regularly; and also all ex officio members.

  1. Elected Members:  Who meet the above criteria for membership shall be selected from the parish at large via nomination by the Pastor or Council. Council members will seek out and nominate candidates who possess spiritual gifts, interpersonal skills, special talents, and experience which will make then valuable contributing members of the Council.  Due consideration shall be given to the diversity of the parish community in the nomination process.  Members of the Parish who wish to serve on the Council should notify the Pastor.  Candidates receiving the most votes shall be declared elected in December.   Commissioning of Council members will be held in January.
  2.   Appointed Members:  Shall be appointed by the Pastor.
  3.  Ex-Officio Members:  Shall consist of the Pastor, the Parish Deacon, the two lay Trustees, and the Parish Administrative Assistant and Director of Religious Education.
  4. Terms of Office:  Shall be three (3) years.  It is considered best that no Council member serve more than two consecutive terms.  Other parishioners should be encouraged to serve on the Council.  However, if no new candidates are available at the end of a Council members second term, that current Council member may serve longer than two terms if he or she wishes and at the discretion of the Council.  When a qualified candidate becomes available, changes in the Council membership will be made at the discretion of the Council.  Discretion of the Council in these matters shall be confirmed by a majority vote. Terms shall be staggered to ensure continuity and will begin in January and end in December.
  5. Attendance:  Any member who is absent for two meetings during the year, without previously notifying the Chairperson, may be removed from the Council by a majority vote of the Council declaring a vacancy.
  6.   Vacancies:  To fill a vacancy on the Council, the existing members shall elect a qualified parishioner or the pastor will appoint a parishioner to complete the unexpired term.  Council should be mindful of the balance between elected and appointed members. If the replacement serves more than 50% of the term, eligibility will be considered as if full term was served.   Resigning from the parish constitutes an automatic resignation from the Council.


Article IV:  Officers

  1. Positions:  The officers of the Council shall consist of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.
  2.  Elections: Election of officers shall be held at the first regular meeting of the year and shall serve until their successors are elected.  They shall take office at the next regular Council meeting.  In the event of a vacancy for any reason, a new officer will be elected at the next regular meeting.
  3.  Duties: Of officers are as follows:
  4. Chairperson: Preside at all meetings and coordinate all Council committee activities.   Prepare an agenda, in conjunction with the pastor, for each meeting.  Perform all other duties associated with this office.
  5. Vice-Chairperson: Perform the duties of the Chairperson in his or her absence and assist the Chairperson in the routine functions of the Council.
  6. Secretary: Record minutes of all regular and special meetings.  Maintain Council records.  Perform all other duties associated with this office.  Upon approval by the Council, meeting minutes shall be posted on the St. Paul website or other social media to ensure open communications with all parishioners.
  7. Executive Board: Shall consist of the elected Council officers and the Pastor.  The Executive Board is empowered to act in lieu of the full Council on any matter when either time or circumstances, as determined by the Council Chairperson and the Pastor, dictate that the issue at hand cannot await a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the Council.


Article V:  Meetings: 

  1. Meetings will be held on an as needed and agreed upon basis provided that at least five (5) meetings per year are held.  Ample notification of at least five (5) days must be given for special, emergency or unscheduled meetings.
  2. A simple majority of the Council shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.
  3. The basic Roberts Rules of Order shall be observed with decisions by consensus to be allowed and encouraged.
  4. All registered parishioners may attend any regular meeting provided they notify the chairperson in advance.  Parishioners may participate in the meeting if added to the agenda by the Chairperson in advance of the meeting or at the discretion of the Chairperson at the meeting.  Dates of upcoming meetings will be published in the bulletin and on the Parish Website.



Article VI:  Committees:

  1. The following committees may be established to aid the Council:
  2. Prayer and Worship: Assist the Pastor in coordinating the following ministries:  Altar Servers; Music; Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist including Ministers to Bayview and the homebound; Lectors; Hospitality; Wedding Coordinator; Liturgical Environment which includes setting up for Mass and laundering of altar linens; Ushers/Greeters; Bereavement and Children’s Liturgy.
  3. Christian Formation: Assist the Pastor in Sacramental Preparation; Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and Children; Youth Ministry; and Religious Education of Children and Adults.
  4. Human Concerns and Social Justice: Assist the Pastor in promoting parish-wide concerns for Social Justice, assisting established Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Pro-Life Groups and Special Needs.
  5. Building and Grounds: Assist the Pastor in maintaining all of the physical parish property and grounds including the gardening.
  6. Committee Membership:  Each committee shall be led by a Chairperson who must be a member of the Council.  Additional membership on any committee shall be open to all eligible parishioners as defined in Article III.
  7. Other Committees: The above listed committees in Section A are not exclusive.  Other committees may be established as necessary to better meet the needs of the parish.
  8. Finance Committee:  Pursuant to the Code of Canon Law, the finances of the parish are the responsibility of a separate Finance Committee appointed by the Pastor.  The Chairperson or an assigned member of the Council shall serve as the liaison to the Parish Finance Committee and periodically report to the Council regarding the financial condition of the parish.


Article VII:  Amending of By-Laws

These by-laws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the total Council membership, provided at least ten days notice is given to all members.  Council members unable to attend a meeting at which amendments are to be ratified may vote by absentee ballot, provided said ballot is received by the time of the meeting.





Submitted by:  Joan A. Dreger, By-laws Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson